Types of Bus Accidents

There are numerous injuries you can sustain while travelling on a bus, but these broadly fall into one of three categories:

These are accidents that can cause passengers the most harm. Collisions can occur with another vehicle, an object, or even pedestrians. Any claims made for this go direct to the insurers of the driver responsible.  Every passenger on board is able to claim under the insurance of the vehicle responsible for the accident.

Reckless Driving
It is the duty of the bus driver to ensure all passengers get from A to B as safely as possible. Whether driving too fast, breaking harshly or taking corners too sharply, poor manoeuvring of the bus will put passengers at risk. Unexpected movement within the bus can cause passengers to be thrown from their seats, or fall down when standing.

Inside the Bus
The interior of the bus should meet a certain standard to ensure that passengers will not be injured on their journey. This can include a variety of scenarios from loose or faulty fixtures/fittings to cutting yourself on sharp or pointy objects.

Severity of harm on riding a bus can vary greatly – from a simple cut or minor fractures, to broken bones, long term damage and even death. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident and have received an injury through no fault of your own, then you may be able to claim compensation. Speak to one of our solicitors on 0800 0845 846 or get in touch via our contact page.