Thousands of road accidents occur each year, a lot of which include buses and mini buses. We have a team of personal injury lawyers who specialise in bus accident compensation claims. They understand how traumatic these can be and how they can cause not only physical but psychological injury.
For a bus accident compensation claim to be successful, it must be proven that another party was at fault and that something they did or did not do was responsible for your injury and loss.
It is important that you make notes after your bus accident about what happened, what vehicles were involved, where you were sat on the bus, what you were wearing and who you were with. Make sure you keep your ticket or pass to prove you were where you say you were, and if the bus operator has CCTV your solicitor will request to see this. 
With these detailed notes your personal injury solicitor can build up a picture of what occurred and make the case for your compensation claim and the allegations of the other party’s fault.
If you have been involved in a bus accident, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as you can, to ascertain the degree of your injuries and any long lasting effects. You should report this incident to the police if appropriate either at the time or very soon after it takes place. 
How to claim compensation for a bus accident
If you have suffered a bus accident in the last 3 years (if you are under the age of 18 your potential to claim is not limited to an accident within the last 3 years) then you should be eligible to claim compensation. The earlier you contact a professional after the accident the greater your chances of success are. 
Our specialist solicitors have helped numerous victims of bus accidents claim compensation. Some specific examples include:
£2750 for a student on a single decker bus hit in the side by a double decker bus whilst stationary at traffic lights.
£25000 for 3 elderly passengers on a bus who were injured when the driver who was travelling too quickly had to swerve and brake to avoid a collision with a vehicle emerging from an entrance as he proceeded around a bend in the road. 
£3000 for the driver of a mini bus that was hit whilst parked by a car that skidded on ice on the road.
£8000 for a schoolgirl who was travelling on a coach which was involved in an accident. The girl suffered whiplash, soft tissue injury and injury to her nose after hitting the seat in front of her. 
£3500 for a lady who fell from her seat when the bus performed an emergency stop, causing her severe bruising, shock and a deep cut to her knee.