Retired man receives £3,772 in compensation

A retired solicitor received £3,772 after he sustained injuries whilst travelling on a bus.

The 79 year old was travelling from Manchester on the X41 double decker bus with his wife heading to Rising Bridge. The bus took to a mini roundabout at speed, and whilst attempting to turn right it drove over the hump with both wheels. The force caused the man to be thrown from his seat, and as a result collided with the metal surround at the top of the stairs. This caused significant soft tissue damage to his right shoulder.

Our bus accident solicitors were able to disprove the bus company’s argument and he was awarded £3,772.62 in compensation.

Nursery Nurse awarded £1,600 in compensation

A Nursery Nurse from Accrington in Lancashire received £1,600 in compensation after her bus collided with another vehicle.

She was travelling on the bus from Burnley headed to Accrington. After the bus had stopped to allow traffic to pass in the opposite direction, it pulled off quickly and immediately collided with a parked car. The nurse suffered a soft tissue injury to her back as a result of the collision, and it took her almost a year to fully recover from it.

Our solicitors helped to claim £1,600 in compensation for the accident and her injuries.

Young Girl wins £1,400 in compensation

A 15 year old school girl received £1,400 in compensation following a bus accident in Preston.

The girl was travelling to school when the bus driver misjudged a corner – the wheels struck the kerb and this caused the bus to be violently jolted. No other vehicles were involved; however as a result of this incident the young girl received whiplash injuries.

Our solicitors acted on her behalf and were able to present her with £1,400 in compensation.

Motorist receives £1,300 after collision with a bus

It’s not just passengers on the bus that we’ve helped. A female motorist from Great Harwood received £1,387.80 after she was injured in a road traffic accident with a bus.

Whilst travelling on Station Road, Huncoat, the barrier at a level crossing came down which halted traffic. She slowed to a halt, situated behind a double decker bus. The bus suddenly began to reverse, and as a result collided with her Renault Clio. As a result of the incident she suffered a whiplash injury to her neck, which later spread to her shoulder. A medical professional advised her that it would take 12 months to fully recover.

Working with our solicitors, we were able to see that she received £1,387.80 in compensation.