Bus Law Explained

Not many people know where they stand legally as a bus passenger and it probably isn’t something many people go out of their way to find out. We believe it’s important to know your rights when using public transport.

Whilst travelling on a bus or coach, there are a number of accidents you as a passenger can be exposed to; slipping or tripping up inside the bus, falling down whilst trying to enter or exit, hurting yourself as a result of the fixture and fittings inside, or any other injury caused through reckless driving.

Common Carrier Law states that anyone who is responsible for transporting the general public has a duty of care for their well-being during said transportation. So it falls to the bus driver to ensure that passengers can travel from A to B in a safe and harm-free way. They should also be able to demonstrate that they are fit, willing, and able to carry out these services when required.

If you are hurt in a bus accident due to the fault of either the bus itself or from an accident involving another vehicle, you may be able to claim for compensation. Who the claim is made against will depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident:

  • If there is a fault with the bus – claim from the bus company
  • Reckless driving – claim from the bus driver/bus company or both
  • Accidents involving other vehicles – claim from the driver of the other vehicle if found at fault

Common carriers are not responsible for conditions out of their control, such as incidents involving other passengers or an act of nature.